"...'Blood on the Wallpaper' is clearly darker than its predecessor 'Generation Zombie', more morbid and sprinkled with some freezing horror elements, but it never neglects the melodic side that makes each song hard to forget. Original and refreshing, this is an excellent album that will haunt your dreams for many nights to come."

Radio HaZZard of Darkness:

“Pitch black, gloomy, insanely, menacing, beaten-up but also rocking dirty 14 songs.

More and more the songs come with such a power that you plunge inevitably into the bizarre world of TTS!..." (Translated excerpt)

"With really low tuned and severely distorted guitars, wailing, electronically adapted vocals and the corresponding chords Touch The Spider! create a nightmarish, oppressive atmosphere ... Haunting songs like "Dark Side of Love", "Ghost City", "Tomb Of Despair" or "My Melancholy" chase you and get under your skin at least by the third listening..."  (Translated excerpt)

"...Gloomy guitar walls move slowly but very threatening toward you, if you hear this album. Thereby the vocals rumbles mysterious and almost hypnotically beside the power of the instruments and forms a deep black fusion..." (Translated excerpt)

"...We highly recommend the album for those who like to descend into the most melancholic and depressive depths of doom and (cold) wave / post-punk.

Unstable souls with suicidal tendencies, however, must be warned..." (Translated excerpt)

Blood on the Wallpaper

Touch The Spider!

Blood on the Wallpaper