Dark Heart Magazin:

"There are 13 malign tracks on this gloomy masterpiece! … The band presents itself in an apocalyptical depressive notion of hopelessness – no hope, no happiness, the sound feels just dark and gloomy – as black as in a pitch-black hole …

Conclusion: Brilliant!"  (Translated excerpt)

Cronicles of Chaos

“...It's like a synergistic experience, listening simultaneously to a myriad of sounds, styles, genres and tastes, all fused into a single entity; from proto-doom to gothic, horror or death rock; from metal to post-punk, industrial to new wave; from Black Sabbath through Paradise Lost's Gothic to Bauhaus; one synergistic style where all the above mentioned have room and a permission to speak in one voice, one tongue, a unified style and sound, indivisible.

With Dead@Last the band has established a unique, if not bizarre, occult sound, stripped of mannerism or pomposity...”

Sonic Seducer (06/11):

"… Gloomy and rocking death metal-style the morbid songs drag on and on, sounding like Garage or even grave or catacomb… One of the best songs is "Silence of the grave" – a massive toughness-bound darkness. A song attending a suicide. The theme song and "Depressive Season" can be considered black Doom Psychedelic. A mixture of Christian Death and Neurosis – sounds bizarre but hits the nail on its head.

An excellent album." (Translated excerpt)

“...Kamikaze style, somewhat psychedelic, very dooming, dispersed to more than 13 songs and almost 45 minutes - the perfect CD for committing suicide... It's difficult to find the best description for songs like "Exit", evil is just not sufficient - a really nihilistic, incredible dismal atmosphere...

Those who like to wallow in pain certainly have to get this CD.”

(Translated excerpt)


Touch The Spider!