A reinvention of proto doom!

And this time I feel comfortable calling the release a proto doom album. 'Tales of woe' is heavier and gloomier than its predecessors ... a release which is to become a classic in its own genre.


"Gloomy rock and pure, mean sounds, still alive – no longer in England – but in the remoteness of southern german forests. ... songs, delightfully searing into your soul...

The songs are so dark, dropdead gloomy, insane and vicious, you might take most blackmetal boneheads, if not nearly all, for oompah bands.

BAUHAUS, JOY DIVISION and several former bands of this musical style wouldn't have done it better. ...Terrific." (Translated excerpt)

Blokner Reviews:

"... Finally, "Tales Of Woe" is another inspirative album, done by mentioned Germans."

Lords of Metal:

"Tales of Woe sounds great ... They know how to chop wood and the pots-and-pans-banging form a nice contrast with the raging, distortion-filled riffs ..."

Cronicles of Chaos:

"...Great musicianship and compositions flood this album, it's a great release -- when you're in the mood. It's something I'd envision one either loves or hates..."


"... a depressing opus. Each song a knife, every single song a concentrated gloom. Depressing, yet imbued with harmonies ... like a crape in the inner ear ..."

(Translated excerpt)


" album that electrifies. More and more while listening. Mighty sounds are approaching ... an awesome disc..." (Translated excerpt)

"...A kind of synthesis of 40 years depressed alternative rock...

I can’t get enough of such heavy psychedelia!" (Translated excerpt)

"... The songs like "Weight Of The World" or "Death Is My Destiny" creep in the pants, Doom may not sound harder. ..." (Translated excerpt)

Dark Heart Magazin:

"...Tales of woe is a compelling and varied album. The band have finally found their own style..." (Translated Excerpt)

Tales of woe

Touch The Spider!

Tales of woe