"... TOUCH THE SPIDER are still the never failing songwriters. Each song not only exhibits its own nature, they all also blow your mind, each one in its own way taking into account different spirits." (Translated excerpt)

Sonic Seducer:

"A mixture of doom rock in the vein of Saint Vitus and stoner rock like Kyuss. Generation zombie is a very unconventional, varied album... bizarre, spacy, excellent!" (Translated excerpt)

Stonerhead let groove your brains tonight:

"...exactly the right thing what you need to relax in your sofa and to have a nice daydream, good minimalistic band with very interesting sound."

"A pleasant old-fashioned-sounding Goth Rock. Although there applied plenty of idols, but it never degenerates to plagiarism. The sound needs some getting used to, but then it makes a lot of fun..." (Translated excerpt)

Radio HaZZard of Darkness:

"TOUCH THE SPIDER! - an insider tip from the underground. They strike harder with their 5th Album "Generation Zombie" than ever! A sound that will appeal to even older black souls..." (Translated excerpt)

Dark Heart Magazin:

"Rocking, hard and rough - the TTS sounds anno 2011! Gothic Dark Doom for connoisseurs!" (Translated excerpt)

"...It is absolutely not possible to pin Touch The Spider down to any genre - the charm lies in the combination of quite diverse influences...

Conclusion: "Zombie Generation" is again a very strong album by Touch The Spider!" (Translated excerpt)

Generation Zombie

Touch The Spider!

Generation Zombie